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PPT for Chapter 9 of "MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication"


Won Yang (view profile)


Chapter 9 of "MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication" (authored by Won Y. Yang et al.)

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File Information

This PPT slide explains Chapter 9 (on In formation and Coding) of "MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication" including the related MATLAB codes and Simulink block diagrams. To see is to believe.
9.1 Measure of Information - Entropy
9.2 Source Coding
       9.2.1 Huffman Coding
       9.2.2 Lempel-Ziv-Welch Coding
       9.2.3 Source Coding vs. Channel Coding
9.3 Channel Model and Channel Capacity
9.4 Channel Coding
       9.4.1 Waveform Coding
       9.4.2 Linear Block Coding
       9.4.3 Cyclic Coding
       9.4.4 Convolutional Coding and Viterbi Decoding
       9.4.5 Trellis-Coded Modulation
       9.4.6 Turbo Coding
       9.4.7 Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) Coding
       9.4.8 Differential Space-Time Block Coding (DSTBC)
9.5 Coding Gain


This file inspired Torque Speed Curve Of Induction Motor In Matlab Code and Solution Of Differential Equations Ode45.

Required Products Communications Blockset
Communications System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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Comments and Ratings (15)
09 Nov 2014 Le Ngoc

20 Oct 2014 Joshua

Joshua (view profile)


I need to apply Huffman encoding to my quantized DCT Matrix.

Can anyone please help me out with the matlab code?


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09 Aug 2014 Ashan Peiris

Thanks a lot

17 Mar 2014 yun

yun (view profile)

Thanks for your good job!

26 Sep 2013 ALI MOHAMED

thanks alot

12 Dec 2011 Karan123

Thank you.

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28 Nov 2011 Robin son

02 May 2011 Krzysztof

great book

11 Nov 2010 Won Yang

Won Yang (view profile)

The book is being sold at

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10 Nov 2010 Lu Tian

I want your book!

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04 Apr 2010 zhao long

no LDPC ,until 9.4.6

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30 Mar 2010 zhong ??

thank you...

19 Mar 2010 nikunj tapodhan

hats off to you WON YANG sir, the way you have explained the coding theory I just salute you.

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16 Feb 2010 dong sanchai

28 Jan 2010 SAFEER HYDER

Dear You all peoples are doing great. Salute u

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