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Fisher's Exact Test for beginners.

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For beginners, who loves Fisher's Exact Test but hates the theory behind.



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A simple, fast and short code for beginners, who cares about Fisher's Exact Test, .
As a beginner, at least you need to know what we do with Fisher's Exact Test (see [1][2]). My function is simple,

Pvalue = FisherExactTest22(x,y)

Input: either 2*2 contigency table or two vectors,
Output: four p-values at, left tail , Right tail, 2-tails, and Mid-p correction for 2-tails .

Well, if you don't know anything about how to choose, as a beginner, I suggested you use 2-tails, that is : Pvalue(3)

Attention: if you have contigency table more complex to 2*2, refer to my another algorithm at :

Please start from "ControlCenter.m", two examples are there.
Let me know any question you have, I will try to response to you as soon as possible.


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Luke (view profile)

strongly not recommended to use this software as it returns incorrect p values.


Tobias (view profile)


FisherExactTest22([8 2; 2 8] )


FisherExactTest22([2 8;8 2] )

why does turning the CT upside down change the 2-sided p-values and not the 1-sided p-values?

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