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Reentrance Problems of Heart VI1 simulator simulink investigation 7

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heart VI1 simulator simulink



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It is reentrance problems meaning cardiac signal return back to excite again the heart in investigation of reentrance 7.
1)free download heart VI1
2)ckick run and time calcul is about 2mn.
3)at end click general scope of heart sinus,atrilal,his and ventricular from up to down.

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Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell (view profile)

Please pay attention to the above comments. This is getting silly now.

jichao zhao

do not understand what these heart simulators for at all


Anon (view profile)

Sigh, again one of these heart simulators. Please, could you do us a favor and put all of them in one zip-file, submit it and remove all others. Really, that would be great! In addition, could you tell the community the difference between investigation 1-27?

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