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Modeling Variable Annuities with MATLAB

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Modeling Variable Annuities with MATLAB


Yi Wang (view profile)


This demo shows how to price variable annuity product (Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit)

getEquityData(Ticker, FromDate, ToDate, Period)
function EP = getEquityData(Ticker, FromDate, ToDate, Period)
conn = yahoo;
if isconnection(conn)
    for i = 1:length(Ticker)
    d = fetch(conn, Ticker(i), 'Close', FromDate, ToDate, Period);
    sData(:, i) = d(:, 2);                                            %#ok
    EP.TimeSeries = flipud(sData);
    EP.Ticker = Ticker;
    EP.FromDate = FromDate;
    EP.ToDate = ToDate;
    EP.Period = Period;
    d = load('stock.mat');
    EP = d.EP;

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