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Flatten nested cell arrays

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Linearize a cell array tree structure

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C1 = flatten({{1 {2 3}} {4 5} 6})
C2 = flatten({{'a' {'b','c'}} {'d' 'e'} 'f'})

% Outputs:
C1 =
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
C2 =
'a' 'b' 'c' 'd' 'e' 'f'

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Paulo Abelha

I hav eimplemented a function which I think addresses the problems reported by Yung-Yeh and Duncare

I tried c = {'',[],'1','2',{'a','b','c',{'x','y','z'},'r'},[123]}, flatten(c)but it does not work as expected.

Doesn't work if your cell array has function handles in it.

>> C1 = flatten({{1 {2 3}} 'f' {'e' 'g'} {4 @isempty 5} 6})
Error using horzcat

Here's the fixed code (using `cat` for slight performance bump):
C = {};
for i = 1:numel(A)
if ~iscell(A{i})
C = cat(2, C, A(i));
Ctemp = flatten(A{i});
C = cat(2, C, Ctemp);

I guess, this simple code is much more efficient:

result = [list{:}]

Never mind, just answered my own ?: you lose all the field keys! Plus, struct2cell isn't recursive, so it only flattens the top of the tree. Still, it gives me something to start from. If I can write something that works robustly, I'll post it.

Has anyone used this w/ struct2cell to flatten nested structs? Any surprises/non-intuitive behaviors observed?

Richie Cotton

Richie Cotton (view profile)

Manu Raghavan

Manu Raghavan (view profile)

You can use this function to flatten the output from Bloomberg's unordered BLP interface in the Datafeed Toolbox.


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