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Generate vertices, faces and color for u3d format



Generate vertices, faces and color for u3d format and display it in pdf or doc, xls and ppt

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This function generates the input for the MESH_TO_LATEX function from Alexandre Gramfort from your surface-graphs. The surface graphs 3d-model can be displayed in u3d - format in pdf or if you don't delete the u3d-files which are generated by MesSH_TO_LATEX you can use deepview from righthemisphere( to embed the modell in Microsoft-Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

The output is a structure generated by the standard MATLAB function
   surf2patch which can used in MESH_TO_LATEX:
      fvc.vertices --> points
      fvc.faces --> faces
      fvc.facevertexcdata --> face_vertex_data


This file inspired Export Figure To 3 D Interactive Pdf.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
Other requirements mesh_to_latex by Alexandre Gramfort
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Comments and Ratings (7)
17 Apr 2011 Sven Koerner

Dear gayane, please send me more information.
Normally there is no codeline 79, so I can't guess what is wrong.

15 Apr 2011 Gayane

Looks as something I have been searching for quite a long time! However, I get Error in ==> u3d_pre at 79
fvc = u3d_pre;
Could you tell me what is the reason?

02 Mar 2011 Benjamin Knight

If you have v7 or v8 of acrobat you can go straight from VRML to RH files and to pdf. I notice that adobe appears to dropped support for 3d authoring for some formats in recent versions of acrobat (v9 and v10). If you have recent versions you will need to use the u3d format. Another option is to convert to u3d using free MeshLab software...

17 May 2010 Sven Koerner

adobe acrobat 9, but i guess the probelms depend on the selected render mode

13 May 2010 pluton schmidt

adobe reader 9. You ?

27 Apr 2010 Sven Koerner

Which renderer do you use (3D & multimedia setting in Acrobat)? Try with an other e.g. "software")

26 Apr 2010 pluton schmidt

Very nice, but there are still bugs because in the proposed pdf, if you rotate the figure, it becomes white from the bottom.

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