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MATLAB Sensor Contest data set

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Set of all entries submitted to the Sensor contest, along with a function to extract an entry.



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Note I had to use 7-Zip to compress this to get it under the 20MB file limit.

MATLAB Contest data entry extraction function

Author: Alan Chalker
Date: 5/7/10

This function will extract all the content for a given contest entry from the contest data set that accompanies this file. In addition, it will create a file named solver.m in the current directory with the code from the entry. The load the contestdata execute the following function first: load contestdata

entryid - the numerical id of the entry desired

entrydata - a structure with the following fields. All fields are
numeric unless otherwise specified
id - the same as the entry id
author - the entry author (string)
name - the title of the entry (string)
status - 'Passed' or 'Failed' (string)
results - the numerical results
cyc - the Cyclomatic Complexity
node - the node length
cpu - the CPU time
score - the score
submitted - the submitted time as a date vector
scored - the scored time as a date vector
currank - the current rank
highrank - the highest rank
basedon - the id of the entry it is based on
basisfor - a vector of ids of entries based on it
error - the error message if status == Failed (string)
code - the code (string)

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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