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Takes text message language and converts to English.



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This program takes standard text message speak and converts it to English. I wrote this for fun and to touch up on my use of while loops and nested if statements. It is definitely not optimized and does not use regexp or other MATLAB built in functions that would make it shorter and faster.

The idea for this submission came from ImageAnalyst in this thread:

>>help txt2English
%SCd 01/7/2010
%Enter text messages in the format of:
% txt2English('plzzZZz dnt lol', 'lemme kno') %Note comma delimination.
% txt2English 'Wut R u dOIn' nothing 'i wnt 2 go out 2nite' %More robust entry method.
% Use single quotes to group whole texts or sentences.
% Punctuation is ok.
% Cannot distinguish between: [to two too], [your you're], [for four] but will make a guess and give warning.
% To add words of your own at the end of the dictionary cell array:
% ;'incorrect' 'correct';...

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Nice Work :)

Richie Cotton

Richie Cotton (view profile)

Quite an amusing diversion, and (sort of) does what it says. A couple of comments:
1. Question marks should really be appear at the end of the sentence, rather than after what/which/why.
2. Adding '(usage?)' to bits where you suspect the grammar is dodgy is just distracting. Add a warning if you must (with an ID, so it can be turned off).
3. The code structure with the nested loops is insane; the whole point of MATLAB is that you shouldn't need to do that sort of thing. I wouldn't want to be the person maintaining that code.
4. Can you do an english2txt reverse translator?

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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