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Shortten DVB-S2 LDPC 64800 code into 8100

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The program can produce the parity check matrix of DVB-S2 LDPC 64800 with short length code of 8100.



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The program can produce the parity check matrix of DVB-S2 LDPC with the size 8100*4050, and 1/2 code rate.
Copyright (C) Yang XIAO, Beijing Jiaotong University, June 22, 2010, E-Mail:
Current Version Published: 2010-6-22
In our following papers [1,2], we find that the shortten codes of DVB-S2 LDPC have some problems. This program can provide a shortten code from DVB-S2 LDPC.
This program is to shorten DVB-S2 LDPC 1/2 rate 64800 code into 1/2 rate 8100 code without Girth 4 by using the parity check matrix program as follows:
[1] Yang Xiao, Kiseon Kim, "Alternative good LDPC codes for DVB-S2", 9th International Conference on Signal Processing, 2008 (ICSP 2008), Beijing, 26-29 Oct. 2008, page(s): 1959-1962.
[2] Huang, Xi; Fan, Jun; Xiao, Yang; Kim, Kiseon; Girth 4 and Low Minimum Weights' Problems of LDPC Codes in DVB-S2
and Solutions, 5th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2009. WiCom '09.
24-26 Sept. 2009 Page(s):1–4.
The papers can be downloaded from Web site of IEEE Explore.

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Dear Yang
Thank you for your code. Is dvb s2 LDPC decoder suitable foe erasure error correction?
I want not to modulate the code and pass it through the channel. I want simply erase some codded bits and correct them. how can I do that?

Yang Xiao

Yang Xiao (view profile)

To master the technique for good short LDPC codes supporting fast encoding algorithm, please read my following published book, which provided many examples.
[1] Y. Xiao, Turbo and LDPC Codecs and their Applications, Press of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, 2010.

Yang Xiao

Yang Xiao (view profile)

Two LDPC codes of DVB-s2 are too long, which lead to huge implementation complexity. Our published papers try to shorten them and keep their original good BER. This program shows that it is possible to get good short codes from the DVB-s2 LDPC.

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