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Animate a Wind Farm with MATLAB: Add the Fog Effect

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More realistic rendering of the wind farm scene on an early morning.



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This submission goes one step further than the demo submitted here:

To create the fog effect, we use the VRML Fog node. You can find more information on this here:

By changing the visibilityRange property of this node dynamically from MATLAB, we can create various fog effects.

You are encouraged to experiment with the dynamics and the color of the fog.

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Hi, this is great,
Do you know how to implement it in a powerpoint presentation?

keyu lu

keyu lu

It is very useful, All is I need

Cristian D

Hello, It's seems to be a great work!.
I wonder if it's posible to specify in the matlab function my personal terrain points and the wind generators location and size?



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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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