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Figure to Simulink subsystem mask icon converter

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Creates a mask icon for a Simulink subsystem from a given figure.

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Creates a mask icon for a Simulink subsystem from a given figure. This subsystem is masked with a ICON correspoding to lines in the figure. This is useful to illustrate the behaviour of the subsystem by a icon.

You can use the simplot command to create it from the actual output. See the documentation of simplot (doc simplot) for further info.

function fig2simulinkmaskicon(hFig,colors)

hFig - handle to a figure to be used (e.g. gcf)
colors - (OPTIONAL) colors for different lines.

Supported (default) colors: blue, red, green, magenta, yellow, cyan, black

Creates a simulink subsystem with a given mask
Prints out the Mask/Icon string in the command window.

h = figure; hold on;

Comments and Ratings (4)


Mikhail (view profile)

Good one, thanks a lot!
I wish other plot elements (not just lines) were supported.

Will Campbell

This is a handy utility for 2D plot conversion. However, it doesn't work so well with 3D or image plots though. You might want to rephrase the description to note this limitation. It would also be handy if the function would error out unless the figure is 2D.

Lukas Lansky

Actually works very nicely.

Lukas Lansky

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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