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Image processing laboratory


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Image processing laboratory



11 Aug 2010 (Updated )

An application with an intuitive GUI that you can use for some image processing exercises.

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The features are:

1) Display only Red, Green or Blue image color
2) Display luma (y) component
3) Graphic equalizer
4) Quantization from 8bit (per pixel xomponent) to 3 bit
5) JPG compression with interactive mask

There is a video-tutorial in English inside!
(you can also watch it at:

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)
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Comments and Ratings (26)
19 Dec 2014 Manimozhi Iyer

pls provide clear idea about ray tracing methods in image processing in Matlab 7 versions

03 Dec 2013 Esperanza


10 Nov 2012 Kyp

I am using the R2011a version! I am typing img_lab in the command line but i am still getting the error:

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

04 Nov 2012 Francesco Pizzo

I have tried with tif images and it works. Maybe your error it is due to the matlab version, which version do you use?
Remember that to run the application it is necessary to type "img_lab" into the command line ;)

03 Nov 2012 Kyp

When i run the gui, and i choose a photo(.tif) i took a message saying: Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> show_rgb at 16

Is there any idea how to get rid of that problem?
Thank you in advance :)

09 May 2012 Alexios Fourlis

Very helpful program! Nice work... :)

01 May 2012 Erdi  
03 Apr 2012 Francesco Pizzo

thank you for rating :)

02 Apr 2012 STALKER_LRP

I liked!!!

30 Mar 2012 rabah


29 Mar 2012 Kiattisak Jantasri

thank you.

21 Feb 2012 rulox garx


16 Feb 2012 Yating

Thanks! :D

25 Jul 2011 mat cognome

click on "download all" button, on the top right corner of the page

25 Jul 2011 nitesh kumar


10 Jun 2011 Francesco Pizzo


10 Jun 2011 ashutosh tripathy

realy liked it

10 May 2011 Francesco Pizzo


10 May 2011 Frikha

love it !!

09 May 2011 Francesco Pizzo


09 Apr 2011 Michael Ridge

there is no sound and the words are too small to read

04 Nov 2010 Francesco Pizzo

You can modify or completly change the GUI directly with matlab, you have to type "guide" and then click on "open existing gui" and look for "img_lab.fig"

04 Nov 2010 Azlan

great set.
so,how I can simply add another interface/m-file?

08 Sep 2010 paramveer sran

Great program. Thanks!

24 Aug 2010 Tanyer Alan  
11 Aug 2010 Anna DB  
27 Aug 2010

Only add a video-tutorial in English inside!

27 Aug 2010

Video-tutorial updated

30 Aug 2010

Updated video tutorial

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