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Black & white image enhancer

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Application can can work wonders on grayscale images with only a few controls.



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The program was initially designed to generate gray-scale lo-fi images from colour pictures. But it can be used to enhance grayscale images in many ways. Hopefully, this application can be useful for artists and photographers.

The user has the option of selecting the number of gray-scale shades wanted in the image. There is option for selecting the gray-scale range within which the user wants to work on. There is also an option for changing the distribution of gray shades, which helps working with lighter or darker shade images, and can make an image lighter or darker. Some examples can be found in my photostream.

The program uses very simple image processing technique. This has been more of a programmatic GUI development exercise.

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Advanced version. Has the option of 'Power' which is very useful when thresholding the original image histogram. Higher power should be used for lighter lo-fi images, and lower power to get more darker shades.

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