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Sean de (view profile)


29 Oct 2010 (Updated )

shrinkWrap creates a binary map for automatic segmentation of high intensity areas in a 2D/3D images

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This function amplifies areas of high intensity and segments them using a front. The front is initialized on the convex hull (for speed) and erodes the map until it has converged on the edge of the areas to keep, maintaining edge geometry.

The idea and title for this function come from Dr. Tong Zhang's PhD Thesis (RPI, 2004), who used a fast marching level set method and a rapid change in gradient magnitude for the segmentation.


This file inspired Processing Script For Cryostratigraphy Using X Ray Computed Tomography Scans Of Permafrost Cores.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
Other requirements The Image Processing Toolbox is selected as a requirement. It is only a requirement if a connected components analysis is requested. If you want to use this function and don't have the IPT set 'MinSize' to 1, and do not call 'Biggest'.
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23 Mar 2012 privatemeet none

Dear Sean, do you have some explanation of how all this work?

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15 Nov 2010 Sean de

Sean de (view profile)

What M-LINT error?
If you are using an older version of MATLAB, the tilde (~) does not work as an output argument. It's recommended in newer versions to use this for speed and that would probably create an error. If this is the case, the error would be on line 195. To fix it just replace the '~' with a junk variable (something like junk)

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14 Nov 2010 Harsha Vardhan

This file has some inherent mlint error, it does not run

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08 Feb 2011 1.1

Fixed bug in 'myed' return for a blank image.

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