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Antoine Class

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An Antoine class for object-oriented vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations.



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This is a simple class definition for an Antoine object to facilitate computation of pure component saturation temperatures and pressures. An object corresponding to a pure component is instantiated by specifying the Antoine parameters. Methods include the computation of saturation pressure, saturation temperature, and plotting.
Sample data is included for a small number of compounds. A search method is included to facilitate search the NIST Chemistry Webbook for Antoine parameters for other compounds.

An extensive tutorial demonstrates the use of Antoine's equation for vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations. Examples include bubble point and dew point calculations, the construction of binary Txy and xy diagrams, and the solution of isothermal flash problems.

This was developed for use in introductory courses in Chemical Engineering.

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Marc (view profile)

This is an excellent example and the corresponding tutorial is simply great. I highly recommend this for any chemical engineer. Thanks for the excellent work. I learned alot.

Yen Hanning

Close to what i am looking for.



Update to the Matlab Toolbox format.


Methods added for searching the NIST Chemistry Webbook for Antoine parameters. The tutorial and internal documentation has been significantly enhanced. Some minor bug fixes.




Added data for additional compounds, and added methods for searching the NIST Chemistry Webbook for Antoine parameters. Significantly revised the internal documentation and tutorial.


Added a plotting function, a sample database for pure components, and an extensive tutorial on the use of Antoine's equation for vapor-liquid calculations.

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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