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Continuous and discrete time optimal reduced order LQG output feedback

Continuous and discrete time optimal reduced order LQG output feedback


Gerard Van Willigenburg


17 Jan 2011 (Updated )

Optimal reduced-oder LQG output feedback controllers

% DELFOTIN: Deterministic Parameter Continuous Full-Order Time Invariant
%           iNfinite horizon delta LQG compensation.
%           Optimal compensation of (P,G,C,V,W) based on (Q,R) nc=nx.
%           (P,G,C) deterministic.
%           [fo,ko,lo,sigp,sigs,spr,pt,st,sigc]=delfotin(p,g,c,v,w,q,r,delta);
% or
%           [fo,ko,lo,sigp,sigs,spr,pt,st,sigc]=delfotin(func);
% Input:
%          func  : string containing the function name of the function that
%                  specifies all estimator problem parameters (see e.g. cofu).
% Output:
%          fo, ko, lo : Optimal compensator
%          sigp, sigs,
%                sigc : Minimum costs (if sigs=sigp)
%          spr        : Spectral radius close loop system.
%          pt, st     : Solutions estimator and control Riccati equations.
%          L.G. Van Willigenburg, W.L. De Koning, 28-11-95.

  function [fo,ko,lo,sigp,sigs,spr,pt,st,sigc]=delfotin(p,g,c,v,w,q,r,delta);

% Get problem data from func=p if p is a string
  if isstr(p);
    func=p; [p,g,c,v,w,q,r,delta]=feval(func);
% Check dimensions
  if nx1~=nx | nx2~=nx; error('q incompatible with p'); end;
  if nu1~=nu | nu2~=nu; error('r incompatible with g'); end;
% Compute full-order optimal feedback
  [lo,st] = dellqr(p,g,q,r,delta,mc);
% Compute full-order optimal estimator
  [ko,pt] = dellqr(p',c',v,w,delta,me);
% Determine full-order optimal compensator and costs
  ko=ko'; fo=p-g*lo-ko*c;

  if delta~=0; sigp=delta*sigp; sigs=delta*sigs; end

  pa=[p -g*lo ; ko*c fo]; spr=maxreig(pa,delta);
  if spr>0; sigc=Inf; spr=maxreig(p,delta); fo=[]; ko=[]; lo=[];
  elseif nargout==9
    qa=[q -mc*lo ; -lo'*mc' lo'*r*lo ];
    va=[v  me*ko';  ko *me' ko *w*ko'];
    pp=dellyap(pa,va,delta) ; sigc=trace(qa*pp);
%    ss=dellyap(pa',qa,delta); sigc=trace(va*ss);
    if delta~=0; sigc=delta*sigc; end;

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