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Affine Transformation

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This program facilitates the application of the affine transformation to a 2-D Image.

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AffineTransformation computes and applies the geometric affine transformation to a 2-D image.
The program main functions are:
- Load Image: Load the image to be transformed.
- Transform Image: Computes the transformation matrix from the transformation parameters specified by the user, then it applies the transformation to the loaded image.
- Save Image: Save the transformed image.
- Quit: Exit the program.
The transformation parameters are specified by the user by editing the
values of the rotation, scale (x and y), and shear (x and y). The
translation is not icluded because it can be easily (normalized or) removed from the image by
subtracting the shape cetroid.
The affine matrix and the affinr transformation are computed using Matlab Image Processing Toolbox
functions: maketform and imtransform. So this program is only demonstrates and facilitates the computation and the applying of these functions to a 2-D image.

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Saylee M.

Thanks a ton..!!

Manu BN

Manu BN (view profile)

klong Gan

Thank you!

ade rfc

The first argument (STRING) must be a one-dimensional array of char or cell arrays of

Error in ==> AffineTrnasformation>Save_image_Callback at 408
g=regexpi(valid_ex,p); % Match Exact extension, ignoring case.

Hajar Habib

Thank you

Raymond Cheng

Thanks for your sharing.

Fatma Chaker

Merci bcp

Rajesh Govindan

Thanks !

Karlheinz Hauser

ahmed eloirrak


zhang zw

Thank you very much.

Rodri de Luis

Really useful if you need a fast transformation

Naif Alajlan

It works very well.

Eng. Mahmoud Al-Hader

Lee Zing

Very Good

ibrahim El Rube'

To everyone who want to use and rate this function:
Could you pleasse check the matlab version before downloading the files?, becuase it will not work on older versions. I find it unfair to rate a function while the error is from your side.

ted il

it is not working,
??? Undefined function or variable 'gui_mainfcn'.

Error in ==> G:\thesis\matlab\AffineTransformation.m
On line 38 ==> gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Ashim Dhakal

Well enough!

Salem Alkaabi

It is not working, the error is Reference to non-existent field 'Showaxes'.

Yu Jie Chang

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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