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This is an update to exportToZip by Malcom Wood. It uses absolute paths OR relative paths.



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Malcolm Wood's exportToZip is an excellent function that zips all the functions that your specified function depends on, into one zip file.

It is a very nice archival tool and useful for distributing your software to colleagues.

My mfiles are spread across network drives. The original exportToZip used relative paths and a common rootpath. This does not work for my type of network setup. So I edited the function to use either relative or absolute paths.

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Nice function, thanks!

It appears that:

if nargin < 2
abspath = 0;

is missing, so the 1-argument call returns an error.



2nd update to include recommendation for a nargin<2 test by Ioannis Filippidis.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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