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High intensity focused ultrasound simulator

High intensity focused ultrasound simulator



Simulates high intensity focused ultrasound beams and heating effects in layered media

%% Authored by Joshua Soneson 2007
% generates node vectors for discretization in axial and radial directions

ppw_ax = 40;			% est. points per wavelength in axial direction
M = round(ppw_ax*Z*G);		% number of meshpoints in axial direction 
dz = Z/(M-1);			% axial stepsize
z = [0:dz:Z];			% axial node vector

ppw_rad = 50;			% points per wavelength in radial direction
J = round(ppw_rad*R*G/pi);	% number of meshpoints in radial direction
dr = (R+0.25)/(J-1);    	% [0,R] is physical; the extra 0.25 is for PML
r = [0:dr:R+0.25]';		% radial node vector
J_ = ceil(J*R/(R+0.25));	% number of nodes in [0,R]

% print parameters:
fprintf('\tdr = %2.3f mm\tJ = %d\n',10*a*dr,J)
fprintf('\tdz = %2.3f mm\tM = %d\n\n',10*d*dz,M)

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