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A GPU Mandelbrot Set

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Explore the Mandelbrot Set using MATLAB and a GPU.



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This application allows you to explore the wonders of the Mandelbrot Set in MATLAB with the help of a capable GPU. It is primarily intended as a demonstration of the different ways in which a MATLAB algorithm can be converted to run on the GPU, however it also has some fun features:
* Use the normal MATLAB zoom and pan to browse the Mandelbrot Set
* Sit back and watch the app pan and zoom between pre-stored locations in the set
* Add your own locations to the animation list
Three different ways of speeding up the algorithm using GPU hardware are provided along with a normal CPU-only version. Have a look at the code for these to get a feeling for how MATLAB's GPU support works.

See also the related "GPU Julia Set Explorer":

NB: Requires MATLAB R2012a or above with Parallel Computing Toolbox and a GPU with CUDA Compute Capability 1.3 or above.

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Shahab (view profile)

Brent Douglas

App download did not work for me. The install was not complete. Also downloaded the files and updated the app download folder. Work great after that.


Reed (view profile)

great animated experience. fun demonstration of the set and gpu capability. FYI, the app installation didn't completely work for me. It left out most of the .m files and I had to download the .zip and copy and paste them into where the app installer put the other files. Maybe the app package is missing some files?



Ohad (view profile)


Updated license


Fix compatibility with R2014b


* Updated to use new "gpuArray" names for build functions.
* MATLAB App included for ease of installation/removal.


* Add animation button to toolbar
* Fix display freeze when toggling control panel on/off


* Fix warnings when animating with an odd window size
* Guard against the window closing to prevent an error when exiting


Add Julia Set link to description.


Fix incorrect required MATLAB version (requires R2011a, not R2010b)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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