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DTMF Detector

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Detects DTMF tones in audio by Goertzel algorithm.



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Detects DTMF tones in audio by Goertzel algorithm.

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Code will break in the case that all detected digits are the same, or all the same followed by pause. To fix that, replace "ct = 1" and the following "for" loop with code such as

y = r;
for i = length(r) : -1 : 2
if y(i) == y(i-1); y(i) = []; end
if y(end) == '-'; y(end) = []; end
if y(1) == '-'; y(1) = []; end

This might not be the most efficient version but sometimes it is not worth writing and debugging for maximum efficiency when more clarity will do the job.

Mustafa Hawai

why this is not working in my matlab software
what do you mean by varargin

mohammad mirzaei

thanks i want make circuit about controler of herbalrum full control with dtmf detector

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MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

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