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Dynamic Low, High and Band pass filter

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An application to dynamically filter signal (sound) with interactive drag of mouse



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This application aims to show visually the effects of filter frequency change on signal.It is provided with dynamic filter which can change its low and high frequencies by user mouse drag.

References :
Digital Signal Processing by Li Tan

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Jin L

Jin L (view profile)

Peter De Ford

kim yeongmin

Oh, that is a good resource.

Gaurav Gupta

yeah, perhaps you should use LF (or HF) box to input exact and low (or high) frequencies

very nice work.
One suggestion: left limit of the bandpass filter (green dot) is trapped, and cannot be controlled with the mouse, if you want to move it towards lower frequencies.



Fixed icon bug


New features like cursors are introduced where user can see values of signal at any point.
Further inbuilt audio player has been introduced to listen to input and filtered output to realize difference user has made on signal.


Minimum bandwidth updated, edit boxes directly connected to filter output process


fixed problem of extreme frequencies selection by mouse

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

Inspired by: DRAGZOOM - Drag and zoom tool

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