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Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)


Dimas Aryo


Solve dynamic job shop scheduling problem with ant colony optimization (ACO).

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Dynamic job shop scheduling problem is one form of a job shop scheduling problem with varying arrival time job or not concurrent. This problem can be represented in graph form, which is to seek the shortest path from start point to destination point. One solution that can be used is with the ant colony optimization algorithm. There are three method to input the job : xls file, matriks, and atrractive dialog.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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16 Dec 2014 Bayina


hi..i tried to run this code..but i get this error..

??? Input argument "graph" is undefined.

Error in ==> ACO at 6
m = size(graph,2);

can someone tell me how to make this code works?

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11 Dec 2014 rafat alhanani

rafat alhanani

Could you please tell me what do input arguments in the ACO(graph,machine,nodes,Q,a,b,p,t,mactime,
jobtime) mean and their type?
Thank you very much.

11 Nov 2014 payam baban

payam baban

I do that, but failing again???

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03 Oct 2014 Xiaowei Shen

Xiaowei Shen

19 Sep 2014 vimal gunasekaran

vimal gunasekaran

can any one help me to find ACO optimization codings

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17 Sep 2014 izzat aswad

izzat aswad

help me to find ant colony coding

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17 Sep 2014 izzat aswad

izzat aswad

can i gat work coding for ant colony

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25 Mar 2014 Rahul Prakash

Rahul Prakash

What is he syntax to use dinamicjssp2 and dinamicjssp3 ??

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20 Jan 2014 YAN


16 Dec 2013 Muhammad Habib

Muhammad Habib

failing to run this code...

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14 Oct 2013 mattia barcellona

mattia barcellona


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19 Mar 2013 anamika jain

anamika jain

good for all the students

21 Jan 2013 Rene


hello ┬┐how can i get the makespan?

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13 Jan 2013 Darrent


23 Dec 2012 satyasis


how i can use tis codes for power signal processing.

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16 Dec 2012 m


28 Jul 2012 sajad jashfar

sajad jashfar

Hi Dear wang h
I need to ant colony source codes (without TSP) to solve the another problems.
my problem is simple but their discrete variables are in constraint.
for example:
how can solve such above example using ACO?

18 May 2012 universitas mataram

universitas mataram

before I introduce myself, my university students agus Mataram are conducting research on "optimal power flow using the ant colony optimization" that I want to ask (firstjob, newjob, newjobtime) is the form of an excel file or something I am still confused on this data the mas guidance please ... if I may ask for phone no mas in order to communicate directly ... thank you

18 May 2012 universitas mataram

universitas mataram

sebelumnya saya memperkenalkan diri, saya agus mahasiswa universitas mataram sedang melakukan penelitian tentang "aliran daya optimal dengan menggunakan metode ant colony optimization" yang saya ingin tanyakan, (firstjob,newjob,newjobtime) ini bentuk filenya excel atau apa saya masih bingung di bagian datanya ini mas mohon bimbingannya... kalau boleh saya minta no telp mas agar bisa berkomunikasi langsung... terima kasih

11 Apr 2012 Dimas Aryo

Dimas Aryo

example command to using this code :


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02 Dec 2011 maza koka

maza koka


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