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ObjectSCAM - A partial wrapper class fom SCAM

ObjectSCAM its a partial wrapper of the original script SCAM created by Erik Cheever.



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ObjectSCAM is a first aproach to put into a Class the SCAM script (A tool for symbolically solving circuit equations). Implements that script in a method create(filename), where that file includes a netlist description of the circuit.

Only put some variables (that I need). The object created will have:
a) Netlist.
b) Components.
c) Solved variables.

The variables are added to the object as dinamic properties and set as symbolic (sym).

Any variable can be accessed directly (i.e. object.I_Vx) and there are two functions to retieve resolved equations (i.e. object.resolveEq('v_1/R2')

Please see original documentation at

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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