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GoogleEarth in GUI

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GoogleEarth in GUI


Sven Koerner (view profile)


03 Aug 2011 (Updated )

Open GE in Matlab - GUI via ActiveX

function ge2ma_demo
% This function is an example on how to integrate GoogleEarth in a Matlab figure or GUI. 
% You need the GoogleEarth plugin to be installed. Therefore just visit a website, where the plugin is needed
% and install it, e.g.: 
% Next step you'll need an api-key-see:
% Take the jey and put it in the head of the ge_ma.html while replacing ABCDEF" -->
% src=""></script>  
% Maybe the abcdef-key also work - try it.
% The rest is more simple:
% The workaround for integrating GE in Matlab GUI is simple to embed a Microsoft Internet ActiveX-Control in
% the GUI (ge_html --> line 56); You need the activex: shell.explorer.2 (see Matlab Help)
% Then you can import any website or a in our case a local html-document with your programmed GoogleEarth
% functionality (ge_ma.html). For further function-examples see the Google Code Playground:
% At the Playground you can toogle to "Edit HTML" and save the code on local machine. The functions inside you
% can call from Matlab as shown in the pushbuttons of the GUI.
% Further Readings:
% see in Matlab Help: actx_explore for integrating Shell-Explorer
% run the demo
% After starting open the ge_ma.html

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