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Hysteresis band current controlled inverter

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This is a simulink model of tolerance band control method of PWM simulated on single phase inverter.

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A single phase inverter is simulated using a very simple and good method known as Hysteresis band current control. This method comes under current controlled modulation techniques of PWM. It is famous for its fast dynamic response and easy implementation. It controls the current level despite of the load conditions.

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thank you so much

Hadeed Sher

Hadeed Sher (view profile)

Dear Murugan, You can make it sinusoidal by using appropriate filters. Yes it will work with three phase VSI as well with little modifications.

murugan ways

yes very nice...but the out put voltage in the form of square wave.. can we get pure sinusoidal output voltage? what we do for getting pure sinusoidal at load side? is this same setup will run for 3 phase vsi.? please rely me sir... thank you...


DIE (view profile)

Works great...thank you


duman (view profile)

Good simulation. Helps in developing basic understanding of hysteresis band controllers.

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