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audioread - unified audio file input function

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audioread - unified audio file input function


Dan Ellis (view profile)


14 Sep 2011 (Updated )

audioread provides a single, unified function for reading audio files in wav, mp3, aac, flac...

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audioread provides a single, unified function for reading audio files in a range of different file formats, including wav, mp3, aac, flac, AIFF, etc. In most cases, access is actually provided by external binaries, but this is hidden within audioread (and its subfunctions). The idea is to make your code independent of the kind of audio files used as input.

In addition, audioread provides support for common modifications performed during sound input, namely resampling (changing the sampling rate), casting multi-channel signals to mono, and loading only a limited time range of the sound. Care has been taken to ensure that short subregions of very large soundfiles can be read with the minimum of memory overhead (for instance, without having to load in the entire soundfile at any time.


Mp3read And Mp3write, M4aread Read Mpeg4 (Aac Or M4 A) Compressed Audio Files, Flacwrite Write Out A Flac Encoded Audio File Using Flac, and M4awrite Write M4a Format Audio File inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
Other requirements External binaries for mpg123, faad, flac, must be installed as described on the page. Support for NIST SPHERE is via ReadSound.mex, download full package from
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14 May 2013 JY

JY (view profile)

27 Apr 2012

Better handling of errors in external programs

30 Apr 2012

FIxed bug reading flac files with downsampling that would truncate 2nd half of file.

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