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Drag and Drop(Line Objects)

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Drag and Drop Line Objects From wthin any axes in any figure.



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this function provides drag and drop of any line objects in an axes within a figure window;
to use this:
just give the handle of the figure or figures that you want to have D&D functionality associated with it to the Mouse_over_lineObj function and you done!
1) you can drag and drop a line object from one axes to another either within the same figure or on a different figure.
2) you can also drop the line object to outside of a figure in which case it will provide a separate figure, axes, and other interactive tools for you.
3) function is maintainable and very easy to be included with any GUI tools.
4) easy to read and understand.
5) and a lot of modification and customization can be added to it.
6) that is it ENJOY IT.

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hey guys...if you are going to use this function then download the fig2xls_2 also, i forgot to upload this with the drag and drop file!!

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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