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MATLAB Simulation of variable-mass rigid-body 6DOF

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Calculate aircraft variable-mass rigid-body six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion using MATLAB



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% SIXDOFVM Calculate aircraft variable-mass rigid-body six-degrees-of-freedom
% equations of motion using MATLAB ODE45 solver.
% =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
% Inputs:
% =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
% Forces = 3x1 vector of forces in body coordinates
% Moments = 3x1 vectory of moments in body coordinates
% dMass = mass rate of change for the aircraft
% dInertia = 3x3 Inertia Tensor matrix rate of change
% tarray = time series vector
% Ipos_i = 3x1 vector of initial position
% Ivel_b = 3x1 vector of initial velocity (body)
% Irates_b = 3x1 vector of initial body rates
% Imass = initial mass of aircraft
% IInertia = initial 3x3 Inertia Tensor matrix
% Ieuler = 3x1 vector of initial euler angles
% =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
% Outputs:
% =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
% t = simulation time
% y(1:3) = body rates
% y(4:6) = velocity in body coordinates
% y(7:9) = position in body coordinates

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John Brewer


Are the errors fixed (?)



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thank you very much fro your model. For some reason I always get the error:
Less than the minimum 5 inputs, when I use your examples.

Maybe I am just stupid but what do I do wrong?

Thanks in advance

Mai samy

Hi friends,
I have been investigating on the applicability of power line communications techniques. I want to simulate the plc system in MATLAB (m file).The simulation includes FSK and PSK and OFDM modulation and demodulation , error control coding , powerline channel and the noise over it. I have some problems with these simulations . I want to know if you have any MATLAB files (m files) about powerline background and impulsive noise. Thanks.

Andry Ivanovich

nipal sad

hi i am master student , please i need to help me as soon as possible on design power line modem that contains simulation design on matlab

Alireza Kheradmandi


sasan sarmad

i am am master student in dynamic of flight
thank you for your help


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