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DTI Fiber Tractography (Streamline Tracking Technique)

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Diffusion MRI, DTI, Fiber Tracking, Diffusion Tensor Calculation, Fiber Visualization



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Including diffusion tensor data calculation, fiber tractography and fiber tracts visualization Function.

[DiffusionTensorCalculation.m] will calculate the diffusion tensor, fractional anisotropy (FA), fiber direction eigenvalue and principle eigenvector.

[Tractography_STT_Euler.m] will will calculate fiber tracts by using Brute-force mathod, and tracking fiber by opposite directions.

[DtiSearch.m] is including ROI selection function and some fiber filter methods.

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bruno robalo

First of all thak you very much for your code. It's really impressive.
My question is: how do you get the view that you show on the picture? the top right one, with the tracts superimposed with the three planes (sagital, axial, coronal) of FA images.


First of all, thank you for sharing your code.

i want to ask a question

can i apply this code for 21 direction(with nonDW images) and 53 slices image

waiting your feedback


Chang Chia-Hao

You can use MATLAB to write a program convert the images(ex: DICOMs etc.)to fit the format of my data. Or modify the data loading part of the code (DiffusionTensorCalculation.m).

First of all, thank you very much for sharing your code.

I have one questions:

-If I have a DICOM or a Nifti image,what do I have to do to use them in your program?

Thank you very much for everything in advance.

Anton Semechko

Anton Semechko (view profile)

Great! Thanks.

Chang Chia-Hao

Yes, The method of fiber tracking is based on the reference [Basser, P.J., et al., In vivo fiber tractography using DT-MRI data. Magn Reson Med, 2000. 44(4): p. 625-32.].

Anton Semechko

Anton Semechko (view profile)

Is this implementaion based on a technique that was previously reported in literature? Your reply would be greatly appreciated.



Resolve ROI file import problem.


Resolving the bug of program [Tractography_STT_Euler.m] saving part

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