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Digital 8-Bit library for use with Simulink

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A library of useful Digital components, to use with Simulink, along with Test models.



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If you are modeling digital or mixed-signal models, then you know what are Full-Adders, D/A and A/D converters, Latches, 8-Bit words and counters, one-shot and SAR A/D.
This is a library which contains all these blocks, ready to use within Simulink, along with a few models that show how to use these blocks, and how to connect them.
These models/blocks can be used to create higher bit-level blocks, such as 16bit, or 12bit.

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NTU (view profile)

i think the reset to JK FF should be asynchronous

Awesome library!

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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