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Object Matching

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Object Matching


Li yang Ku (view profile)


An object matching method based on Lowe, D.G. Object recognition from local scale-invariant features

function Demo()
% Object matching demo based on "Lowe, D.G. 1999. Object recognition from local scale-invariant features.
% In International Conference on Computer Vision, Corfu, Greece, pp. 11501157.
% uses SURF instead of SIFT 

% please download SURFmex (SURFmex Library 
% and include in path (right click folder add to path)

% see more on

close all;

targetImage = imread('TrainImage/drill.bmp');

targetModelImage = imread('TrainImage/model.bmp');

testImage = imread('TestImage/test2.jpg');

% create target model from target image and target model image

targetModel = createTargetModel(targetImage, targetModelImage);

% use target model to match target in test image

matchTarget(targetModel, testImage);


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