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MATLAB Plot Gallery - Change Lighting to Phong



Change lighting algorithm to phong


This is an example of how to produce an interpolated lighting across the surfaces in MATLAB®. This lighting is good for viewing curved surfaces.

Read about the light and lighting functions in MATLAB® documentation.

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% Create a grid of x and y points
points = linspace(-2, 0, 20);
[X, Y] = meshgrid(points, -points);

% Define the function Z = f(X,Y)
Z = 2./exp((X-.5).^2+Y.^2)-2./exp((X+.5).^2+Y.^2);

% "phong" lighting is good for curved, interpolated surfaces. "gouraud"
% is also good for curved surfaces
surf(X, Y, Z); view(30, 30);
shading interp;
lighting phong;
title('lighting phong', 'FontName', 'Courier', 'FontSize', 14);

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