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Print a struct to file.

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Print a struct to file. The output can be aligned to be more human-readable, or be separated by a specified delimiter.
Requires the getarg function.

struct2File( s, 'c:\file.txt', 'align', true, 'sort', false );

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
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10 Nov 2014 sebastián


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22 Feb 2013 Ben

Ben (view profile)

It seems to do what it says. You'll need to download the other file:

I was hoping for something that would work recursively for structs. EG:
>> s1 = struct('one',1,'two','two');
>> s2 = struct('field1',1.1,'field2','a string!');
>> s.s1 = s1;
>> s.s2 = s2;
>> struct2File( s, 'C:/test.txt')

It doesn't do what I was hoping it would, but it still works for simple structs.

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