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Save Workspace to Struct

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Save Workspace to Struct



18 Apr 2012 (Updated )

This function allows to save all the variables from the current workspace into a struct array

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Sometimes you need to save the variables from your base workspace, but using "save" function will have them all stored individually so if you reload them into a new workspace it could be a mess, and some variables could be overwritten.
With this function, you can save all of them into a struct array, and so they'll be nicely packaged and ready to be saved to a .mat file that, when reloaded, will be easy to identify.

 c={'cell1', 'cell2', 'cell3'}

 theworkspace =
     a: 'LALALA'
     b: [1x22 double]
     c: {'cell1' 'cell2' 'cell3'}
     d: 768
     e: [3x3 logical]

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
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29 Apr 2014 Adrien peyrache

Why not this?:
w = whos;

for a = 1:length(w)
str.(w(a).name) = eval(w(a).name);

14 Aug 2012 Óscar

Thanks for this function. It would be nice if structure fields where sorted in somehow, e.g.:

BTW, a shorter (but slower) version of the same function would be:
WSVARS = evalin('caller', 'who');
c=cellfun(@(x) evalin('caller',x),WSVARS,'UniformOutput',false);

19 Apr 2012 Andres

Thanks Jan. I followed your suggestions and now it looks even better.

19 Apr 2012 Jan Simon

The function does *not* get the variables of the caller, but of the base workspace. To get the behavior described in the help text, use "WSVARS = evalin('caller', 'who')" insetad of "WSVARS = evalin('base', 'who')". The same for the 2nd EVALIN.
In this line:
neither EVAL nor STRCAT is needed. Easier and faster:
THEWORKSPACE.(WSVARS{wscon}) = thisvar;

19 Apr 2012

Two little corrections, thanks to Jan Simon, this way the variables saved are not necessarily from the base workspace but from the current (caller) workspace:
WSVARS = evalin('caller', 'who');
THEWORKSPACE.(WSVARS{wscon}) = thisvar;

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