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Daniel Wirtz (view profile)


23 Apr 2012 (Updated )

Tool to organize plots variably in subplots or single figures, with export functions

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The PlotManager is designed for anyone who is regularly producing various plots that should be in subplots during development/experimenting for good overview and later be exported as single figures (e.g. in high quality).

A new plot can be created using "nextPlot". Depending on the logical property "Single" this either opens a new figure or advances to the next subplot. This way, the same script can generate overview subplots or single figures suitable for export.

Any openend plots can then be exported to disk (using the "export_fig" tool internally) using the "savePlots" function.

Some more features:
- nextPlot takes several string arguments that are used as filename on export via "savePlots", axis title and labels
- A FilePrefix can be set for each exported figure
- If nextPlot is called and the current subplots are full, a new figure is openend with the same number of subplots
- savePlots takes a cell array as format strings, so export can be made with a single call in various formats


Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
Other requirements export_fig
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04 May 2012 peter

peter (view profile)

03 May 2012 1.1

Added possibility to (optionally) specify title, xlabel and ylabel in the nextPlot method. Those values will override any values specified before done/nextPlot is called again.

08 May 2012 1.2

- "axes tight" is only executed if neither {X,Y,Z}LimMode are "manual"
- savePlots also takes a cell array of chars as export formats now
- Some new default values

19 Nov 2012 1.3

- Many useful improvements
- Included demos
- Tested with current export_fig version

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