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Hair, vibrissae, whisker mechanical model

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Simulation of vibrissae mechanical model.

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This is just attempt of creating anatomic correct approximated simulation of vibrissae motion upon different condition: wind, obstacle ...
This made by applying different forces on external part of vibrissae.
The model include internal (within skin) and external parts of vibrissae.
The internal includes skin tension and muscle.
The external part includes links simulating flexible fiber body with predefined motion DOF.
* All theoretical parameters described in doc file.
* Almost all simulation parameters can be defined from m file.
* Some blocks includes subsystems
* there were some problems with visualization in 64 bit Matlab version. Just uncheck from mdl menue/simulation/configuration parameters/simscape/visualization

-------How to run simulation-------
1. Run m file
2. Run mdl file

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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