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Read large CSV file in column and save each column in mat file

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This is a draft to help you for transferring large CSV file or dat file into mat file



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We all feel headache about importing large data into matlab which may cause 'out of memory' problem. Since large CSV data usually stored in columns or rows, we can read CSV file column by column or row by row.

csvscan.m is a simple draft but work well for unlimited size of csv file, if each column data does not surpass the memory limitation. In my case, I have loaded 500M Bytes CSV file in 34 separated mat files. Hope it can help you.

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per isakson

I think

eval(['save',' ', filename,' ', 'dataarray']);

may be replaced by

save( filename, 'dataarray' )



At the end of each loop, text=[]; and textarray=[] are added to release the memory.

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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