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Photo Quadrat Selection Tool

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Photo Quadrat Selection Tool



08 Jun 2012 (Updated )

An interactive tool for manually selecting photo quadrats from a collection of images.

quadratSelection_AllImages(extension, quadratSize)
%%quadratSelection_AllImages(extension, quadratSize): 
%%place quadratSelection_AllImages.m in the
%%current directory containing images, and run this program.  It allows the
%%user to interactively select and save one quadrat per image.  The saved
%%quadrats are stored in a generated subfolder called 'savedQuadrats'. See
%%quadratSelection_OneImage.m for the interactive quadrat selection of one
%%image. This program is simply a top-level that loops through the images
%%to call the individual selection function.
%%quadratSelection_OneImage and quadratSelection_AllImages
%%should both be in the same folder. The two arguments are defaulted, read
%%the code.

Joshua Stough
W&L, Image Group
June 2012
Citation is currency. Please see README. Please cite:
Joshua Stough, Matlab quadrat selection tool, 2012. or 

Joshua Stough, Lisa Greer, William Benson: Texture and Color Distribution-based
Classification for Live Coral Detection. Proceedings of the 12th International 
Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July 2012

function [] = quadratSelection_AllImages(extension, quadratSize)

    %The quadrat image can be scaled to any size through the imtransform
    %(see quadratSelection_OneImage), and presumeably you don't want to
    %lose resolution.
    if nargin < 2, quadratSize = 2048; end
    %Only certain image types are imread-able, right?  But most good
    %cameras offer non-lossy output too, right?  Anyway, what files to
    %perform the quadrat selection on...
    if nargin < 1, extension = '*.jpg'; end
    %Make results directory if it doesn't already exist.
    if ~exist('savedQuadrats', 'dir')
    %Make meta directory if it doesn't already exist.
    if ~exist('savedQuadratMetaData', 'dir')
    %Get all files in the current directory that fit the extension
    imFiles = dir(extension);
    for i = 1:length(imFiles)
        fprintf('Beginning quadrat selection for image %s...\n', imFiles(i).name);
        %New to matlab GUIs, this is how I revert control back to this
        %process. I instantiate a hidden figure that
        %quadratSelection_OneImage knows to close when the user completes
        %interaction with the one image.
        h = figure('Visible', 'off');
        quadratSelection_OneImage(imFiles(i).name, h, quadratSize);
        %Blocks execution, of this process, until the handle h is
        fprintf('Done with image %s.\n\n', imFiles(i).name);


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