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POLARMAP: Polarized colormap

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POLARMAP: Polarized colormap



11 Jun 2012 (Updated )

Colormap with zero-center white shading.

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When representing "polarized" data for which zero and sign are meaningful (like for instance, a gravity anomalies map), it is useful to have a colormap where white stands for zero value, and greater magnitudes are plotted as colors with increasing saturation.

This little function POLARMAP has two different usages:

- proposes a new red-white-blue colormap that is standard for this purpose (same usage as other Matlab colormaps);

- applies a zero-center white shading to any existing colormap, like JET or HSV, or user defined.

Type "doc polarmap" for complete help, syntax and examples.


This file inspired Cubehelix Colormaps: Beautiful, Distinct, Versatile! and Color Brewer: Attractive And Distinctive Colormaps.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
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09 Dec 2014 Denis Anikiev  
28 Feb 2014 Michael Ranftelhuber  
12 Feb 2014 Sergei Luzina  
26 Sep 2013 Josh

Josh (view profile)

13 Jun 2012 1.1

Reverse default colors (blue-white-red) which is more logical...

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