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plot spread points (beeswarm plot)

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plot spread points (beeswarm plot)


Jonas (view profile)


11 Jun 2012 (Updated )

plotSpread plots distributions of data points, adding jitter to the points to avoid overlap.

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plotSpread allows creating "beeswarm plots", i.e. point distributions where jitter has been added to the data points to avoid overlap.

It further allows specifying groups within the data to show the distribution of the groups inside a distribution.

plotSpread is most suited to visualizing distributions with small amounts of data points. If the points become too dense, it becomes difficult to appreciate the relative importance of modes of a distribution, in which case "distributionPlot" should be used.

plotSpread uses the excellent "distinguishable_colors" to choose default colors for different categories.

In addition, the .zip file contains "myErrorbar" (a modification of the built-in errorbar), "repeatEntries" for easy repetition of entries in a list, and "isEven" to test whether a number is even. For both "repeatEntries" and "isEven" there are better alternatives on the File Exchange.


Generate Maximally Perceptually Distinct Colors inspired this file.

This file inspired Violin Plots For Plotting Multiple Distributions (Distribution Plot.M).

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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Comments and Ratings (12)
22 Dec 2014 Jonas

Jonas (view profile)

@Sneha: plotSpread(data, 'showMM', 5) shows standard deviation, plotSpread(data, 'showMM', 4) shows standard error of the mean.

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18 Dec 2014 Sneha

Sneha (view profile)

Is there a way to add errorbars to the plotSpread graphs?

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23 Oct 2012 Jonas

Jonas (view profile)

@Yuri: Thank you for the hint. I'll look into fixing this.

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22 Oct 2012 Yuri K

Yuri K (view profile)

I found that distinguishable_colors function requires makecform function from Image Processing Toolbox. Not every installation has it.

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11 Oct 2012 Jonas

Jonas (view profile)

To change marker size programmatically, you can use the function "findall" to get the handles for the spots. Say you want to set the marker size to 16 of the black markers, and the figure number is 3, you could write

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09 Oct 2012 Ana

Ana (view profile)


Thanks for the script!!Is really useful but can you tell me how I change the marker size in your script?


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07 Jul 2012 Shatrughan


Good script !! Can you implement plotting the mean, median, errorbar, or others with categoryIdx? if yes, how?


13 Jun 2012 peter

peter (view profile)

It works now !!!
Thanks a lot.

12 Jun 2012 Jonas

Jonas (view profile)

@peter: "ismatrix" only appeared in 2010b. I've tried and failed to install 2009b today, so I wasn't able to make sure that I haven't included another incompatible function call. Have you been able to test the new version?

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12 Jun 2012 peter

peter (view profile)

I am actually running 2010a, but I still do not have it ?

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11 Jun 2012 Jonas

Jonas (view profile)

ismatrix is a built-in function from a release later than R2009b - sorry for the mis-labeling of plotSpread. I am replacing ismatrx and I'll upload a fixed version soon

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11 Jun 2012 peter

peter (view profile)

I tested your example and got the following:
I think you forgot to include "ismatrix" function ?
??? Undefined function or method 'ismatrix' for input arguments of type

Error in ==> plotSpread at 196
elseif ismatrix(data)

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12 Jun 2012 1.1

Replaced the call to ismatrix, which is a function that only appeared in MATLAB after R2009b

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