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Play MIDI Note

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Get information about a MIDI note number like frequency and name. Play the note optionally.

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PLAYMIDINOTE Obtain information about a Midi note like its frequency and
name in the equitempered scale assuming A4 is 440Hz.

[NOTENAME, FREQ] = PLAYMIDINOTE(MIDINUM) returns name of the note correspondig to Midi note number MIDINUM and also returns its frequency
FREQ in Hz.

[NOTENAME, FREQ] = PLAYMIDINOTE(MIDINUM, 1) same as above, and additionally plays the specified note for one second.

[NOTENAME, FREQ] = PLAYMIDINOTE(MIDINUM, 1, DUR) same as above, and plays the specified note duration DUR seconds.

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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