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Real-Time Audio Processor

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Real-Time Audio Processor


Tucker McClure (view profile)


Simplifies streaming or generating audio in real time.

% This script starts the qwerty demo, which generates sound from a user
% "playing" a qwerty keyboard.
% Tucker McClure @ The MathWorks
% Copyright 2012 The MathWorks, Inc.

%% Clean up.
close all; clear all; clear classes; clc;

%% Configuration

sample_rate   = 48000; % [samples/sec]
frame_size    = 128;   % [samples]
output_device = 'Default'; % (Default, ASIO4ALL v2, Traktor Audio 2)
num_inputs    = 0;
num_outputs   = 2;

%% Execution

% Create the processor with a sample rate, frame size, and device name.
rtap = QwertyDemo(num_inputs, ...
                  num_outputs, ...
                  sample_rate, ...
                  frame_size, ...

% Play. This will start *immediately* and block until all audio output is
% complete.

% Release the audio resource for others (be nice).

% The RTAP records some timing values while playing. Show the results.

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