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Fractional position on plots

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Fractional position on plots


Chad Greene (view profile)


Position text or data relative to the frame of a plot, not necessarily relative to the data.

function [ycoordinate] = yput(y_position_fraction)
%YPUT returns y-coordinate of the location on a plot y_position_fraction
%times the full range of the y-axis. 
% Chad A. Greene 2012.
% x = -40:120;
% y = x + 10*sin(x); 
% plot(x,y); hold on
% plot(xput(.2),yput(.4),'rp','markersize',15)
% text(xput(.1),yput(.9),'this is an example','fontsize',14)
% text(xput(.6),yput(.25),'another example!','fontsize',16)
% box off
% See also xput and zput.

yaxisdata = get(gca,'ylim');
ycoordinate = min(yaxisdata)+y_position_fraction*(max(yaxisdata)-min(yaxisdata));

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