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GTL jetfuel_ternplot with neural network

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GTL jetfuel_ternplot with neural network



This is an upgrade of the ternplot code written by Carl Sandrock (ID#2299).

ternsurf(A, B, C, Z)

function ternsurf(A, B, C, Z)
majors = 10;

if nargin < 4
    Z = C;
    C = 1 - (A+B);

[fA, fB, fC] = fractions(A, B, C);
[x, y] = terncoords(fA, fB, fC);

% Sort data points in x order
[x, i] = sort(x);
y = y(i);
Z = Z(i);

% The matrixes we work with should be square for the triangulation to work
N = 100;

% Now we have X, Y, Z as vectors. 
% use meshgrid to generate a grid
Ar = linspace(min(fA), max(fA), N);
Br = linspace(min(fB), max(fB), N);
[Ag, Bg] = meshgrid(Ar, Br);
[xg, yg] = terncoords(Ag, Bg);

% ...then use griddata to get a plottable array
zg = griddata(x, y, Z, xg, yg, 'v4');
zg(Ag + Bg > 1) = nan;

% Make ternary axes
[hold_state, cax, next] = ternaxes(majors);

% plot data
tri = simpletri(N);
trisurf(tri, xg, yg, zg);
view([-37.5, 30]);

if ~hold_state
    set(gca,'dataaspectratio',[1 1 1]), axis off; set(cax,'NextPlot',next);

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