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Draw lines with arrows

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Draw lines with arrows. Multiple optional parameters are given for controlling the arrow and line



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draw_line2 draw directional vector points in 2D with directional arrows

draw_line2(p1, p2) draw line with defulat optional parameters;
draw_line2(p1, p2 , param1, val1, ...)
The line with stretching(<-->) and compressive(>---<) arrows or without
arrows (----) can be plotted.

Input arguments:
p1, p2 : Cordinates of the two points in 2D

Optional parameters ( passed as parameter/value pairs):

'LineColor' : Colour of line ( vector of colour or char)
default : % 'b'
'LineWidth' : Width of the line (Scaler values)
default : 5)
'ArrowDirection' : (0,1,2) (0 : p1--- p2, 1: p1 --> p2 2: and P1 <-> p2)
default : 1
'ArrowLength' : Length of the arrow ( scaler values)
default : 3
'ArrowIntend' : Intended arrow ( scaler value)
default : 1
'ArrowAngle' : Angle of arrow with the main line in degree
default : 30
'ArrowColor' : Arrow face clour ( in color vector or char)
default : 'r'
'ArrowEdgeColor : arrow edge colour ( in colour vector or char or
default : 'k'

draw_line2([0 0]', [100 100]',...
'Linecolor', 'b',...
'LineWidth', 5 ,...
'ArrowDirection, 2,...
'ArrowLength, 10,....
'ArrowIntend, 3,...
'ArrowAngle', 45,...
'ArrowColor, 'r')

will draw the line with the specified optional parameters in the current plot.

You can get the 3D version of this here.

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J (view profile)

Nice idea but it totally screws up one of my plots, I couldn't debug your code to figure out the problem. Your code needs some serious debugging in that regard, but otherwise it draws arrows in a pretty manner. To begin: your code doesn't maintain the original axis for some reason.



Line without arrows also included. some bugs has been fixed.

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