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Nero AAC Codec Wrapper

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MATLAB wrapper functions for Nero AAC Codec (v1.0)



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This submission includes 3 MATLAB functions:

* NEROAACREAD - Read AAC sound file
* NEROAACWRITE - Write AAC sound file
* NEROAACTAG - Edit tags in AAC sound file

They are wrapper functions for free Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codec tools from Nero, downloadable at

To use the functions in this submission, NERO AAC Codec tool must be downloaded and installed first. When each wrapper function is executed for the first time, it will prompt the user to specify the location of the corresponding Nero executable file.

All wrapper functions are fully documented with Command Window help texts. The syntax of NEROAACREAD and NEROAACWRITE is consistent with the built-in WAVREAD and WAVWRITE functions, respectively. The syntax of NEROAACTAG follows that of MATLAB's disp, set, and get object property management functions.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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