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WTSI Mutational Signature Framework

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WTSI Mutational Signature Framework



23 Oct 2012 (Updated )

Framework for deciphering signatures of mutational processes from a set of mutational catalogues

%% Example of reading a previously saved output file and plotting the
%% signatures of mutational processes and their respective exposures
% Ludmil B. Alexandrov
% Cancer Genome Project
% Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
% This software and its documentation are copyright 2012 by the
% Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute/Genome Research Limited. All rights are reserved.
% This software is supplied without any warranty or guaranteed support whatsoever. 
% Neither the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute nor Genome Research Limited 
% is responsible for its use, misuse, or functionality.

clear all;

%% Define parameters
outputFileName = 'output/res_example_1_21_WTSI_BRCA_whole_genome_substitutions.mat';
if ( exist(outputFileName, 'file') == 0)
   disp(['File ' outputFileName ' cannot be found! Please run example1.m prior to running example3.m!']);

%% Loading the data

%% Plotting the signatures of mutational processes
plotSignatures(processes, input, allProcesses, idx, processStabAvg);

%% Plotting the signature exposures
plotSignaturesExposureInSamples(exposures, input);

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