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Structure Overwrite and Merge

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To Overwrite and Merge two structures. Both overwrite and Merge are optional.



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This is a funtionality I required for my GUI simulator where the user enters parameters in GUI and these parameters over-ride the default ones of the simulator. Merge funtionality adds these parameters as 'extra'. I can not afford to have bugs in this one (ofcourse :)). So if you kindly find any bugs let me know. I have made it general so other users can use it if they require. Also its case-sensitive which is annoying.

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This submission could (should?) be made recursive to handle the case when the fields of the top-level structures are themselves structures.

Jeff Anderson

Did exactly what I needed to do. Thank you!! Great for a gui that has a lot of parameters. You can create a default structure in the function then pass it just the user overwrites and use this function to merge and make the correct overwrites!

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