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Contour Line Smoothing

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Smooths contour lines by fitting them with a 2-D spline.



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CONTOURSPLINE(X,Y,Z,N) creates a contour plot having N contour levels from the matrix Z, treating the values in Z as heights above the X-Y plane. X and Y are either vectors defining the X- and Y-axes with length(X) = size(Z,2) and length(Y) = size(Z,1), or X and Y are matrices the same size as Z such as those produced by MESHGRID.
CONTOURSPLINE(X,Y,Z,V) draws contours at the levels given in vector V.
CONTOURSPLINE(X,Y,Z,[v v]) draws a single contour line at level v.

Beware: CONTOURSPLINE smooths contours, but does not magically change terrible data into pleasing data. For terrible data, smoothed contour lines may cross!

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Peter Buxton

Hi Duane,
Is there any way of better calculating the arc length instead of using the hypotenuse?

Hi Duane, this code is really helpful, but is there a way I can change this function to make it a filled contour plot like the function CONTOURF ? Cheers

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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